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electric boilers provide heating and hot water for your home in the same way as a gas or oil boiler. Electricheatco can provide boilers such as the Aztec Classic or Aztec System boiler which then provides heat to a cylinder, or a combi-boiler such as the Aztec mini and maxi combi-boilers which provide heating and hot water on demand. They are virtually silent and produce no carbon monoxide and are ideal especially in properties which might not have a gas meter.

More and more renewable energy is flowing into the electricity supply network and therefore electric boilers are becoming a sustainable way for homeowners to be able to obtain heating and hot water.

Renewable energy generation has become more mainstream and electricity generated by renewable energy sources electric boilers are becoming a very sustainable way of providing heat and hot water. This is especially true if homeowners acquire their electricity from providers who supply electricity from renewable sources such as Good Energy or Bulb .

Yes – the short answer is that gas is cheaper per kw hour than electricity; however there are other factors to take into account:

*efficiency typically an electric boiler is 99.5% efficient versus 93% of gas.

*gas meters come with a standing charge which could be stopped if the property switched to electric only.

* gas servicing and safety certificates – gas boilers need servicing and safety certificates for rental properties.

The government has announced that by 2025, all new homes will be banned from installing gas boilers and will instead be heated by low-carbon alternatives. The ban is inspired by an attempt to reduce Britain’s carbon emissions.

Call us! we can advise on what we believe would be the most appropriate boiler for your property.

Electric boilers are usually compact with no flue required

No gas supply is required

Electric boilers are typically very quiet when in use